1FLR Token Supply – PipeFlare

On October 15th, 2021, PipeFlare integrated with 1FLR – a community created gaming and NFT token. PipeFlare purchased a large supply of these tokens with the intention of re-distributing them back to the community.

PipeFlare does not sell tokens – we only give them away for free. You can acquire 1FLR in multiple ways:

We also give away free ZEC and free MATIC via our Faucet.

1FLR is a public contract, and can be purchased/sold/traded just like any other coin.

For more information on 1FLR, please use the links below:

What Is 1FLR: Click here

How to Withdraw 1FLR: Click here

How To Buy/Sell 1FLR: Click here

In-Game Token Drop Rates: Click here

How to Benefit From Pipeflare: Click here

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