Withdraw Your 1FLR Tokens

**Withdrawals will be active for all members starting 10/23. Until then, 75,000 random people per day will be given access to the Withdrawal Page starting 10/15**

Step 1) Navigate to the 1FLR Token Withdrawal Page

Step 2) Check how many eligible 1FLR Tokens you have to withdraw. You can see this total in the “Withdrawable Amount”

Check which withdrawal limits apply to you. Withdrawal limits change based on your User Tier.

**A 14 Day Delay means that if you earn a token on November 1st, you can withdraw it on November 15th. If you withdraw your token on November 15th, it will arrive in your wallet within 24 hours.

Step 3) Set Up MetaMask To Work With MATIC and 1FLR

  • Download MetaMask
  • Create A New MetaMask Wallet
    • (Keep your password and secret recovery phrase safe)
  • Connect MetaMask To Matic Network
    • Hit the “Add Token” Button on the withdraw page and follow the prompts.
    • If your MetaMask isn’t on the MATIC network, hit “Switch Network” then hit “Add Token”

Step 4) Enter your 1FLR address.

  • Copy your address at the top of the MetaMask page

Step 5) Choose how many tokens you want to withdraw, and hit “Withdraw”

Step 6) Check your transaction in your Withdrawal History section

Automatic Withdrawals?

Your 1FLR will NOT automatically withdraw to your wallet. You need to hit the “Withdraw” button and determine how much 1FLR you want to send to your wallet.

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