What Are Aurora Tokens?

Aurora Tokens are the native token of the Aurora Blockchain. Aurora is the EVM Compatible chain of the NEAR Blockchain.

PipeFlare has partnered with Aurora, and we’ve integrated Aurora Tokens into our games and our platform.

How to Use Your Aurora Tokens

Now that you’ve got your hands on some Aurora Tokens, you might be wondering what you can do with them. Here are some exciting ways to utilize your tokens:

  1. Open Aurora Chests in Pyro’s Mining Rush: Use your Aurora Tokens to open special chests within the game, which can contain valuable items, upgrades, and surprises.
  2. Purchase Weapons and Equipment: Enhance your gaming experience by buying powerful weapons and equipment using your Aurora Tokens. These items will give you an edge in Pyro’s Mining Rush and make your mining adventures even more thrilling.
  3. Access Unique Levels: You can use your Aurora Tokens to unlock sercret levels in Pyro’s Mining Rush. These levels will offer new challenges and rewards, including Aurora Tokens, adding an extra layer of excitement to the game.
  4. Stake at the Bank (Coming Soon): We’re working on implementing a staking feature within the game. Soon, you’ll have the opportunity to stake your Aurora Tokens at the in-game bank and earn interest on your holdings. Watch out for more details on this feature!

How to Get Aurora Tokens

  1. Use The Aurora Faucet to get free tokens every week. You can boost your rewards to get even more tokens. Learn more in this blog post.
  2. Earn Aurora in Pyro’s Mining Rush. By accessing certain Aurora specific levels, you have a chance at mining Aurora Tokens directly within the game.
  3. Spin the Aurora Spin Wheel and take your chance at free Aurora Tokens. You’ll get free spins every week!

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