Get An Eesee Wallet Address (Instructions)

Getting Your Eesee Address

Follow the instructions below to get your Eesee Wallet address

Add Your Wallet Address To PipeFlare

To add your Eesee Wallet address, visit your PipeFlare account settings page and click on “Add Eesee Wallet Address”.

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What Is Eesee?

Eesee is a gamified marketplace and a liquidity solution that accelerates sales, provides additional trading volume and lowers cost barrier to enter the market. Tailored for digital assets, tokens and RWAs.

  • 400,000+ users in socials and 1,800,000+ wallets connected with $600M+ in assets on wallets in under 60 days of testnet.
  • Scaling very fast, one of the most discussed projects at the moment, TGE in early April, confirmed by top-tier CEXs

Investors include: Animoca Brands, SevenX Ventures,, Momentum6, Maven Capital, Marshland, Pentoshi, Kapo, Zeneca, Dingaling, Wizz, Gmoney, IvanOnTech, other notable Angels

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