Buy Or Sell 1FLR Tokens

You can purchase and sell 1FLR Tokens using MetaMask, or the 1FLR Matic Pool.

Option 1: MetaMask

You’ll need to set up MetaMask To Work With MATIC and 1FLR

  1. Download MetaMask
  2. Create A New MetaMask Wallet
    • (Keep your password and secret recovery phrase safe)
  3. Connect MetaMask To Matic Network
    • Hit the “Add Token” Button on the withdraw page and follow the prompts.
    • If your MetaMask isn’t on the MATIC network, hit “Switch Network” then hit “Add Token”
Add token button

Navigate to the Matic Mainnet and hit “Swap”.

Swap tokens
Swap tokens - next step

Choose your tokens to swap. If you are looking to purchase 1FLR, you’ll need to swap from MATIC to 1FLR. If you want to sell 1FLR, you’ll need to swap from 1FLR to MATIC.

Option 2: MATIC Pool

Navigate to the 1FLR/MATIC pool here.

Click the “Trade” button on the top right.

Connect to a wallet

Connect to a wallet that has your MATIC contract address installed.

Choose token to swap

Choose which tokens you’d like to swap. Your tokens must be on the MATIC Mainnet in order to be able to use this pool.

Moving Tokens From Ethereum To MATIC

In order to bridge your ETH to MATIC, you’ll need to use the MATIC Bridge Tool. This tool will allow you to get your ETH onto the MATIC Mainnet. Once you have tokens on the MATIC Mainnet, you can swap them for 1FLR.

You can also read this tutorial for more in-depth help on bridging.

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