In-Game Token Drop Update (September 2021)

We’re excited to announce changes to the token distribution mechanism in our games.

Every user will have the chance to collect Flare Tokens (purple tokens) within games. However, users can now increase the in-game tokens displayed depending on their Tier.

Flare Tier users will see a 2x token display bonus, Casual Tier will have a 2.5x bonus, Hardcore Tier will have a 3x bonus, and Professional Tier will have a 4x bonus.

Flare token tier levels

Keep in mind that the bonus increases the number of tokens displayed in the game, it doesn’t mean you will automatically earn more tokens. You will still need to collect those tokens using the game mechanics.

We hope you enjoy our new token distribution mechanism. Please let us know if you have any comments by joining our discord.

Please check out a list of all our games here, we are constantly adding new collections.

If you’d like to FURTHER increase the token drop rate in games, you can check out our new Token Drop Rate NFT on PipeFlare’s NFT Marketplace.

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