Introducing 1FLR Token Deposits – PipeFlare

One of our most requested PipeFlare features is the ability to deposit exchange purchased 1FLR tokens into a PipeFlare account. We’re happy to say that this feature is now live! You’re now able to take tokens from MetaMask/Trust Wallet and add them to your PipeFlare 1FLR balance.

Why would you want to deposit 1FLR onto PipeFlare? Several reasons:

  1. Staking 1FLR (Up to 48% APY)
  2. NFT Purchases (coming soon)
  3. Membership Purchases (coming soon)
  4. Referral Purchases (coming soon)
  5. In-Game Purchases (coming soon)

1FLR Token Staking

Staking is one of our most frequented features. It’s a great way to passively earn 1FLR and earn great rewards. Your Staking APY will depend on your membership tier and also how many 1FLR you have in your PipeFlare profile.

Membership Tiers: You can check out our membership options on our supporter page.

Diamond / Elite Token Bonus: We calculate your eligibility for the Diamond/Elite token bonus based on your total 1FLR Balance. This includes your Staked + Unstaked 1FLR amount. If you meet the criteria for Diamond or Elite, the APY Bonus will be applied to that day’s Staking reward. If you fall below the required token bonus level, then your staking APY will automatically adjust.

Staking Rate Lock: Once you Stake, your APY for that period will not change. If the Daily Rate drops, your APY will not move. If the Daily Rate increases, your APY will not move. The daily rates only apply to new sessions.

PipeFlare NFT / Membership / Referral Purchases

Soon you’ll be able to use 1FLR to purchase some NFTs at a discount in our marketplace, to purchase Memberships at a discount, and to purchase Referrals at a discount. The discount will range from 15% – 30% depending on the day.

PipeFlare In-Game Purchases

Almost all of our games have in-game purchases of skins, power-ups, hearts, and more. These power-ups can be really helpful when competing in our weekly leaderboards. Power-ups can help you live longer, compete better, get more 1FLR tokens, and climb up the leaderboard. These power-ups can only be purchased with 1FLR!

For instructions on how to deposit your 1FLR tokens, please read this blog.

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