Introducing 1FLR Token Deposits – PipeFlare

One of our most requested PipeFlare features is the ability to deposit exchange purchased 1FLR tokens into a PipeFlare account. We’re happy to say that this feature is now live! You’re now able to take tokens from a supported wallet (MetaMask; Brave Wallet; D’Cent; and Trust Wallet) and add them to your PipeFlare 1FLR balance.

Why would you want to deposit 1FLR into PipeFlare? Several reasons:

  1. Staking: Stake Your 1FLR and earn up to a 27.5% Staking Bonus. This is a great way to generate passive income!
  2. Making Purchases Within The Platform: 1FLR can be used to purchase almost everything on PipeFlare’s site. Purchase membershipsreferrals, NFTs and more with your 1FLR.
  3. In-Game Upgrades: Boost your game play with in-game upgrades that can only be purchased with 1FLR.
  4. Discounts: Make purchases with 1FLR and save up to 35%.
  5. More Utilities Coming Soon: We will continue to add utility functions to 1FLR to provide more value for our user base. Stay tuned!

1FLR Token Staking

Staking is one of our most frequented features. It’s a great way to passively earn 1FLR and earn great rewards. Your Staking Bonus will depend on your membership tier, NFTs, the amount of 1FLR you have in your PipeFlare profile and more. Here are all of the ways to increase your Staking Bonus:

  • Become a Supporter: Become a supporter and earn up to an additional 6.5% Staking Bonus
  • Own Pyro NFTs: Pyro NFT Owners receive up to an additional 3% Staking Bonus
  • Purchase Staking NFTs: Purchase Staking Multiplier NFTs from Our NFT Marketplace and get up to 3x Daily Staking Rewards
  • Hold 1FLR Tokens: Get an additional 3% Staking Bonus with the Elite Token Bonus.
  • Re-Staking Bonus: Re-Stake your Flare Tokens at the end of your staking period for an additional 2% Staking Bonus. Valid for 6 and 12-month lockups only.

Staking Rate Lock: Once you Stake, your Staking Bonus for that period will not change. If the Daily Rate drops, your Staking Bonus will not move. If the Daily Rate increases, your Staking Bonus will not move. The daily rates only apply to new sessions.

Auto Staking: Automatically renew your 1FLR stake. Simply select ‘Auto Stake’ when staking your 1FLR. You can cancel the auto-renewal at any time before the next period. You can turn off the auto-renewal feature to ensure it doesn’t renew on its own. You will receive a 2% staking bonus if you re-stake your 1FLR Tokens + the bonus amount you earned.

For instructions on how to deposit your 1FLR tokens, please read this blog.

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