1FLR Token Deposits – How To Guide

If you’re interested in transferring your 1FLR tokens into your PipeFlare account, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  • Visit our Deposit Page
    • Please carefully read the entire page – you need to send the 1FLR into your account using the 1FLR address saved in your profile. If you send it from an address not linked to your profile, your tokens will be lost.
  • Open your WebWallet (MetaMask / Trust)
    • Select your 1FLR tokens
    • Hit the “Withdraw” button
    • Add the address from the Deposit Page
    • You will need at least a little bit of MATIC to pay the gas fees. If you don’t have MATIC, you can use our MATIC Faucet to get some. You can also purchase MATIC off an exchange or use the Polygon Bridge Tool to convert ETH into MATIC.
  • Once you send your 1FLR, you’ll need to wait 128 transaction to see your funds in your account. This can take around 10 minutes

All of your deposits will be located on the Deposit Page in the “Deposit History” Section

Once your deposit is complete, you will be able to use your new 1FLR tokens in the PipeFlare ecosystem. You’ll be able to use 1FLR for:

  1. Staking
  2. NFT Purchases
  3. Membership Purchases
  4. Referral Purchases
  5. In-Game Purchases

Instructional Video Below

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