Pyro’s Cave: A VIP Club For Pyro NFT Holders

Pyro’s Cave is Now Live

The day has finally come. We are thrilled to announce the launch of Pyro’s Cave, an exclusive club for Pyro NFT owners ONLY. 

Pyro NFTs are jam-packed with perks (like mystery faucet access and VIP Airdrops), but, did you know Pyro’s also come with a VIP ticket to a secret society deep within the PipeFlare community?

This society is a place like no other, filled with features that no one else can access. We are sworn to secrecy and can’t reveal too much, but we CAN tell you that you won’t want to miss out.

Here’s a sneak peek of the roadmap (shh…keep this on the D-L): 

sneak peek of pyros cave roadmap


What is the future of Pyro’s Cave?

With Pyro’s Cave, the sky is the limit. When it comes to the future of Pyro’s Cave, Pyro NFT owners will have voting power to determine which additions they’d like to make. Game Perks? Coming soon. Merch? We hear ya. We want to make sure you are getting everything you want out of owning a Pyro NFT, so don’t be afraid to tell us exactly what you want!

How do you enter Pyro’s Cave?

To get your VIP ticket, purchase or mint a Pyro today.

Will the Rarity of my Pyro affect entry?

Nope. When it comes to Pyro’s Cave access, the rarity of your Pyro does not matter. However, the four rarities do determine your ownership perks, so we recommend minting a Pyro for a chance to mint a Super Rare Pyro.

Join today to be a part of the Inner Circle – we can’t wait to have you. Enter Pyro’s Cave Now.

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