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We’re excited to announce the launch of our 10,000 randomly generated Pyro NFTs. If you’re curious who Pyro is, he’s PipeFlare’s friendly dragon mascot.

So how does it work? PipeFlare will be releasing 10,000 total NFTs – 1,000 during a presale, and 9,000 during a public sale. Our presale will be mid February and our public sale will be after the presale. Our max presale will last a maximum of one week depending on how quickly they sell.

Pyro Perks

When you purchase one of our Pyro NFTs, you’re going to get the following access:

  • Faucet: Access to a NEW and exclusive crypto faucet (a Mystery Faucet)
  • Airdrops: Access to NFT holder airdrops. You won’t be able to participate in these airdrops unless you own at least one NFT.
  • Staking: Access to extra Staking Rewards. If you own an NFT, you will get up to 3% extra APY for your 1FLR staking.
  • Gaming: PipeFlare is building a lot of new games, including blockchain games. NFT holders will get perks in some of our games – and early access to in-game items.
  • Licensing Rights – You’ll get licensing rights to the image on the NFT you purchase, as long as you own that NFT. And you can do whatever you want with it!
  • More Perks – In addition to the above, we will be coming out with perks for NFT holders including exclusive discord chat, merch, and early access.

*Not all of these perks will be available at the time of the public sale. PipeFlare is a growing ecosystem and we will continue to add perks as we built out our site.


Each NFT will have four rarities: Uncommon / Rare / Uber Rare / Super Rare

  • Uncommon will get you a 1x Faucet Multiplier, a 1x Airdrop Multiplier, +2% APY Staking Bonus
  • Rare will get you a 1.25x Faucet Multiplier, a 1.25x Airdrop Multiplier, +2% APY Staking Bonus
  • Uber Rare will get you a 1.5x Faucet Multiplier, a 1.5x Airdrop Multiplier, +3% APY Staking Bonus
  • Super Rare will get you a 2x Faucet Multiplier, a 2x Airdrop Multiplier, +3% APY Staking Bonus

*We also have 5 limited edition collectibles which will have a 2.5x Multiplier and +3% APY Staking Bonus

Note: If you have multiple NFTs, the multipliers will not stack. We will choose the highest rarity NFT and use those multipliers. However, there are other perks to owning multiple NFTs, which we discuss below.

Strength Score

Each NFT will have a strength score between 5 and 8. We aren’t revealing yet what this strength score will be used for, but it will relate to our future blockchain games.


If you’re interested in being part of the pre-sale, you will need to whitelist your address. You can whitelist your address by visiting the Pyro Page and then hitting “Join Our Whitelist”. We will pick 1,000 random users from this Whitelist the day before the presale. All users will be notified by e-mail, so make sure you are providing a correct e-mail address.

We will open up the minting process to our supporters prior to the pre-sale. If you’d like to become a supporter, you can do that on our supporter page.


If you’re an NFT holder, you’re eligible for our Pyro monthly airdrops. The more NFTs you have, the more airdrop tokens you’ll receive. To calculate your share of the airdrop you can use the following formula: Mystery Token Airdrop Amount * (1/10000) * your Total Multiplier. The Total Multiplier is the addition of all your NFT multipliers together. So if you have two NFTs with 1x Multiplier, you’ll have a total Multiplier of 2x.

Initial Minting Process

When you mint an NFT during the presale or the public sale, you will not know which NFT you will receive. You will get randomly assigned an NFT from our collection.

In order to purchase your NFT, you will need MATIC Mainnet Tokens stored on your Web 3.0 wallet (preferable MetaMask). To learn how to get MATIC Tokens, please read this blog.

The pre-sale will cost 0.03 ETH, and the public sale will cost 0.08 ETH so make sure to get in early.

Here’s a link to a detailed PDF on how to mint your NFT.


All of our NFTs will be OpenSea compatible, which means you’ll be able to sell them on OpenSea or store them on your Web3.0 wallet. If you get a really rare NFT you’ll be able to sell it on a secondary market, for example. If you got a less rare NFT and want one that has more rarity, you may be able to purchase one on OpenSea, if someone is selling it.

Multiple NFTs

Should you buy multiple NFTs? That’s up to you. Here are some things to consider:

  • Each NFT gets you perks inside blockchain games. So if you have multiple NFTs, you can get multiple in-game items.
  • Each NFT has different rarities, so if you have multiple NFTs, you can pick the highest rarity NFT for your airdrops/faucet rewards.
  • NFTs do not stack for the faucet / airdrop / or staking. If you have multiple NFTs you will not get multiples of faucet claims. For example if you have a 1.25x multiplier and a 2x multiplier, you will not get a 3.25x multiplier – you will get the highest multiplier (2x).
  • If you expect the price of NFTs to go up, then holding multiple could be a good way to invest.

If you have any questions, please feel free to join the discussion on our discord.


Can I Mint On Mobile?

Yes you can mint on mobile, but you need to use the MetaMask browser.

How Long Does It Take To Mint?

It depends on the Polygon Network – minting can be instant of take several minutes. You can always “speed up” the mint by using the “speed up” button on MetaMask

Why Does OpenSea Show “Content Not Available”

This means OpenSea is loading the data and it will take up to 30 minutes to populate. This is due to OpenSea’s algorithm, which is usually slow.

When Do The Faucets / Airdrops / Staking Bonuses Start?

We are looking to start each of these bonuses as soon as possible. Not all bonuses may be available when you mint/purchase your NFT. We have an evolving ecosystem and the bonuses will be built in shortly.

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