Earn A Spaceship Piece NFT Playing Punkz Hero

For a limited time only, if you earn 500 PKZ Tokens playing Punkz Hero, you will win a FREE Spaceship Piece NFT.

In order to play Punkz Hero, you must download Cobalt Wallet and connect your wallet to the Punkz Hero game. To learn how to do this, check out this blog post or watch this Youtube video.

After you’ve connected your Cobalt Wallet to Punkz Hero, you will be able to earn PKZ Tokens by playing the game. To earn tokens, maneuver your character through the maps. Tokens can be earned by breaking open mystery boxes and defeating enemies like goblins and spiky shells. PKZ tokens will also be sporadically placed throughout the game, but it’s up to you to catch them all!

Your PKZ Token count is located in the top right of your screen. Earn 500 PKZ Tokens and you will be airdropped a FREE Space Shooter Spaceship Piece.

What is a Spaceship Piece NFT?

Spaceship Piece NFTs are a set of four collectible NFTs that will combine to activate a limited edition Carrier Spaceship in Space Shooter. You will need all four pieces of the spaceship in order to activate it. Check out the completed spaceship below.

Are There Other Ways To Earn Spaceship Piece NFTs?

Yes, you can also earn a piece of the Carrier Spaceship by beating all 15 levels of Flare Runner.

Note: Limited Time Offer.

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