How To Download Cobalt Wallet And Withdraw PKZ Tokens On PipeFlare

We are thrilled to announce that we are adding Punkz Hero to our library of Play-To-Earn games (previously known as Kong Hero). As of October 5th, 2022, users will be able to earn PKZ Tokens by competing in Punkz Hero’s weekly leaderboards (over $500 in monthly prizes!). In order to be eligible to compete in Punkz Hero’s leaderboard, you must connect your Cobalt Wallet to your PipeFlare account. Learn how to download Cobalt Wallet and withdraw your PKZ Tokens on PipeFlare by reading our how-to guide below, or watching our Youtube tutorial here.

Step 1: Select “Download Cobalt Wallet”

As mentioned above, in order to be eligible to compete in Punkz Hero’s weekly leaderboards, you must first connect your Cobalt Wallet** to your PipeFlare account. To get started, click “Download Cobalt Wallet” on Punkz Hero’s main page.

**Cobalt is available on any Chromium-based browsers.

Step 2: Add Cobalt Extension To Browser

Next, you’ll want to add the Cobalt Extension to your Browser. If using Google Chrome, select the blue button that says “Add To Chrome.”

You will now be prompted to confirm that you’d like to add the Cobalt Wallet extension to your browser. Select “Add Extension” to continue.

After this is complete, you should receive a confirmation pop-up.

Step 3: Pin Cobalt Wallet Extension To Taskbar

In order to easily find your Cobalt Wallet, we suggest pinning the extension to your taskbar. To do so, click the push pin icon located next to the Cobalt Wallet icon.

Step 5: Create Cobalt Wallet

Now that you’ve successfully added the Cobalt Wallet extension to your browser, you’ll need to create a Cobalt Wallet account. Choose a strong password and select the “Create” button to create your account.

After you’ve added your password, select the “Create Wallet” button located on the bottom right of the pop-up.

Step 6: Add PKZ Token To Wallet

Next, you’ll need to add PKZ Token to your Cobalt Wallet. Simply type PKZ” into the “Wallet Name” field. Select the “Next” button. You are now ready to connect your Cobalt Wallet to Punkz Hero.

Step 7: Connect Wallet To Punkz Hero Game

Next, you will need to connect your Cobalt Wallet to the Punkz Hero Game. To do so, simply navigate back to the game page, and click the middle button, titled “Connect Cobalt.”

You will now be able to earn PKZ Tokens and score in the weekly Punkz Hero leaderboards.

Step 8: Earn PKZ Tokens By Playing Punkz Hero

Now that you are eligible for Punkz Hero’s weekly leaderboards, you’ll be able to win PKZ Tokens by playing. To earn tokens, maneuver your character through the maps. Tokens can be earned by breaking open mystery boxes and defeating enemies like goblins and spiky shells. PKZ tokens will also be sporadically placed throughout the game, but it’s up to you to catch them all!

Your PKZ Token count is located in the top right of your screen.

Step 9: Withdraw Your PKZ Tokens

Scroll down to the bottom of the Daily Rewards page to locate the section shown on the screen below.

Select “Connect.” Your Cobalt wallet address should populate in the “Add Cobalt Address” field. You’ve now successfully connected your Cobalt Wallet to your PipeFlare account and are able to withdraw your PKZ Tokens.

To withdraw your PKZ Tokens, select “Withdraw.” Note: You must have 2,500 PKZ Tokens in order to withdraw them from your PipeFlare account.

You will now be brought to the Withdraw Token page. Click the “Withdraw” button.

Next, you will receive a “Withdraw Request Submitted” notification. Congratulations! You will receive your PKZ Tokens in 24 hours or less.

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