Best CoinPot Alternative – Best Crypto Faucets 2021

Many users are upset that CoinPot is shutting down. CoinPot was one of the most visited crypto faucets in the industry and has closed their doors in Jan 2021. However, there are three great alternatives to CoinPot that have higher rewards and even better user interface:

PipeFlare (Rating: A+)

PipeFlare is the industry’s most trusted cryptocurrency Faucet. It supports some of the best privacy coins, including free ZCASH and free DOGE. It is supported by a worldwide community and hosts unique features such as:

  • Fast ZCASH and DOGE Payouts (learn More)
  • Beautiful Interface
  • Game Competitions
  • Professional Referral Program (learn more)
  • Action Badges (coming soon)
  • 5-Day Bonus Spin
  • Daily Loyalty Bonus
  • Referral Bonuses
  • CoinPot-like Rotating free crypto currency

Visit Now:

CoinPot is unfortunately shutting down all of the following faucets:

  • CoinPot –
  • Moon Bitcoin –
  • Moon Dogecoin –
  • Moon Litecoin –
  • Moon Dash –
  • Moon Cash –
  • BitFun –
  • Bonus Bitcoin –

Horizen (Rating: A)

The Horizen Faucet is the native faucet for the Horizen Blockchain. Horizen is considered one of the top privacy coins in the industry and are known for their open community and cutting edge technology. Their features include:

  • Instant Payout
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Daily Loyalty Bonus
  • Easy to use Interface
  • Referral Bonuses

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Cointiply (Rating B)

Cointiply is the third, and only other Faucet we would recommend. Cointiply has robust documentation on their earning guides. Cointiply has the following interesting features:

  • Fast Payments
  • Optional Interest
  • In-App Gming
  • Community Forums

Note: Cointriply requires a minimum amount of tokens for withdrawal. This means you will likely have to use their Faucet for several weeks before being able to withdraw.

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