New Referral Commissions – 2021 Update

Starting Jan 1 2021, we’ve changed our Tier 1-Tier 4 commission structure for new referrers. We’ve also added new commission revenue for all referrers.

New Referral Income:

Store Revenue: When a user you refer purchases from our referral store, you will earn a portion of their sale.

Subscription Revenue: When a user purchases a subscription, you’ll earn a % of their subscription every month.

New Commission Structure

Starting Jan 1, all new users will have the following commission structure: 25%/15%/10%/5%. All users will have access to this commission structure, and there is no purchase necessary. If you have an account before Jan 1 2021, you will keep your old commission structure.

Professional Referral Program

We are also introducing the professional referral program. You can buy into this program for great perks, such as access to premium support, and a much higher payout for commissions. The commission structure for the professional referral program will be: 100%/60%/40%/20%

Once this program is live, you can check out the details on our supporter page.

You can see the details of your individual referral tier in your referral dashboard.

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