1FLR Distribution Changes

On October 15th, PipeFlare successfully integrated with 1FLR, an NFT and Gaming token. Now that 1FLR is tradeable and has a dollar value, PipeFlare will adjust the distribution of 1FLR through out the site.

Here are the changes:

Game Distribution

There will be no immediate changes to the distribution of 1FLR in games. However, in order to limit token bloat, we will reduce the total amount of tokens distributed in games by 2% per month, with adjustments made on the last day of every month.

Faucet Distribution

Now that 1FLR has a real dollar value, the 1FLR token distribution in daily claims will adjust based on the 1FLR Value. This is the same mechanism we use to distribute ZEC,MATIC, and previously DOGE.

For example, if the price of ZEC declines, you’ll get more when you claim from the Faucet. If the price of ZEC increases, you get less when you claim from the Faucet. But in both cases, you received the same value in USD.

The USD value you receive daily across MATIC, ZEC, and 1FLR should be approximately equal, since they are all linked.

As the price of 1FLR increase or decreases, you will see fluctuations in your daily claims.

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