Unboxing the PipeFlare Loot Box: Understanding Your Rewards

If you’ve recently redeemed your CoinMarketCap Diamonds for a PipeFlare Loot Box, congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of a fantastic collection of in-game items that will enhance your gaming experience on PipeFlare.io. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the rewards you’ve received and how they can be used to your advantage.

Your PipeFlare Loot Box can include some of the following:

2FLR Tokens

2FLR is an in-game token designed to streamline your gaming experience on PipeFlare. It’s a convenient form of currency that can be used across all games on the platform, compatible with all our top games. With 2FLR, you can effortlessly manage your tokens across all games within one wallet and swap them from one game to the next. You can always check your 2FLR Balance on this page.

Using 2FLR tokens is easy and intuitive. You can purchase items, characters, and boosts in compatible games. When you’re done using them in one game, you can take them to the next. 2FLR tokens can be stored in your PipeFlare profile or an external wallet, and all games will connect to your PipeFlare 2FLR balance. Whenever you win 2FLR, it’s added to your profile, and when you use it for purchases, it’s deducted from your balance.

To get more 2FLR, simply play and win in your favorite games, purchase them with 1FLR, complete PipeFlare Daily Challenges, use free daily spins, participate in 28-Day Streak Rewards, and keep an eye out for limited-time airdrops that include 2FLR tokens


Gems are a new type of currency we launched to unlock unique features and benefits on the platform, such as extended gameplay, special loot boxes, unique skins, and upgrades in Pyro’s Mining Rush.

In addition to the gems you’ve received in your Loot Box, there are several ways to obtain more Pyro’s Gems. You can 1) Purchase them on PipeFlare’s NFT Marketplace in packs of 5, 20, or 100, with discounts for larger packages. 2) Win them by playing and competing in PipeFlare’s blockchain-based games, specifically in Level 5 games or higher. 3) Own a Pyro NFT and receive gem airdrops based on your Pyro level, and 4) Become a PipeFlare Supporter and receive free gems every month as part of your subscription.

A Free Pyro’s Mining Rush Skill

You may received an awesome Pyro’s Mining Rush Skill from the marketplace. This skill will give you a unique ability or boost in Pyro’s Mining Rush, depending on the specific skill you’ve acquired. Equip it to your character to gain an edge over your competitors and enemies.

Free Spins On The Aurora Spin Wheel

The Aurora Spin Wheel is a fun and exciting feature on PipeFlare that offers a chance to win valuable prizes in the Aurora Ecosystem. With your 5 free spins, you have the opportunity to win even more in-game items, tokens, or other rewards.

Free Spins On The Classic PipeFlare Spin Wheel

The Classic Spin Wheel is a our original spin wheel, and offers you an opportunity to win valuable prizes in the PipeFlare Ecosystem. Prizes include in-game items like potions and ingots, as well as PipeFlare tokens like 1FLR and 2FLR. Take a spin and see what you win!

Tickets to Aurora Level

These tickets grant you access to the Aurora Level, a special area within Pyro’s Mining Rush that offers unique challenges and rewards. Use these tickets wisely to explore 3 levels of fun which include an Aurora Staking Bank, new enemies, and a chance to mine Aurora Tokens.

Classic Ticket to Crystal Cave Level

The Crystal Cave Level is another exclusive area in PipeFlare games, known for its challenging gameplay and valuable rewards. Your Classic Ticket allows you one entry into this level, providing you with 30 minutes of playtime to explore the cave and hunt for valuable crystal shards. These shards can be combined to form full crystals, which are essential for upgrading your skill tree and advancing to a Level 6 profile. Make sure to plan your route, prioritize your targets, and use your skills wisely to maximize your chances of success in this exciting and challenging level.

Potions and Ingots from Pyro’s Mining Rush

Pyro’s Mining can be a challenging game if you don’t have the proper equipment. To give you a boost, we are including Ingots and Potions into the lootbox. Ingots are the building blocks of minting new equipment, which can include attack, defense, and mining boosts. Potions will restore your health and give you XP boosts. They are really powerful if you use them at the right time. Enjoy these perks and check out PMR today!

To access your rewards, simply log in to your PipeFlare account and navigate to your history page. From there, you can see a tab called “CMC Loot Box”.

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