TRI-FORCE ROCKET Piece NFTs: What They Are & How To Earn Them

What is a Tri-Force Rocket Piece NFT?

The Tri-Force Rocket Piece NFTs are a set of four collectible NFTs that, when owned collectively, activate a unique rocket in BeatBox. This coveted rocket triples your power, allowing you to take out three columns at once, which is equivalent to up to 50% of the game board.

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How Can I Earn The Tri-Force Rocket Pieces?

To get the Tri-Force Rocket, you’ll need to collect all four pieces. We will update this blog with the in-game requirements for each piece as they are released. Keep checking back to stay up-to-date on the latest information. Join the hunt for the Tri-Force Rocket and make it yours.

Pieces #1,2, and 3 have been wholly obtained, while piece #4 is now up for grabs; simply follow the instructions below.

The Counter Attack: If you purchased 600 flamethrowers playing The Counter Attack, you were rewarded with piece #1 of Tri-Force Rocket. (50/50 accounted for).

Stack Breaker: If you broke 25 stacks playing stack breaker without dying, you were rewarded with piece #2 of the Tri-Force Rocket. (50/50 accounted for).

Punkz Hero: If you killed 500 enemies In The Desert or Fog Mountain Levels Of Punkz Hero, you were rewarded with piece #3 of the Tri-Force Rocket. (50/50 accounted for).

Reach level #6 in our player progression system: Become one of the first 50 users who reach level 6, to win piece #4 of the Tri-Force Rocket NFT.  (0/50 accounted for).

Good luck to all players in obtaining the fourth piece.

**Note: Each Tri-Force Rocket NFT piece is limited to 50 pieces.

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