Token Farming PipeFlare

PipeFlare hosts several games in which you can mine Flare Tokens. You can see the entire list of games here.

Our games have two types of tokens – Flare Tokens and Leaderboard Points. Flare tokens are purple, and leaderboard points are gold.

When you collect purple Flare Tokens, you get one point added to the leaderboard and one Flare Token added to your wallet.

When you collect a gold leaderboard point, your score on the leaderboard goes up, but nothing is added to your Flare balance.

If you’re wondering what leaderboard points are used for, they are used to win in our weekly game competitions, which have almost $300 USD in prizes.

How We Determine The Purple/Gold Ratio

PipeFlare designates a certain amount of Flare Tokens allocated to be farmed on a 3 hour basis.

In minute one, the ratio of Purple/Gold tokens is 90%/10%. As Flare Tokens are collected, the Purple allocation decreases and the gold allocation increases, e.g. the ratio might be 66%/33% after an hour. Once there are no Flare Tokens left, you will see 100% gold tokens.

After the third hour, the Flare tokens will completely replenish, and the 90%/10% ratio is restored.

Why This System?

We implemented this system so that we can limit the supply of Flare Tokens. As we transition to moving Flare Tokens onto the blockchain, it’s in the community’s best interest to have limits on the amount of tokens distributed.

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