Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFTs: What They Are & How To Earn Them

What is a Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFT?

Stack Breaker Ball Piece NFTs are a set of three collectible NFTs. If you own all three pieces, you can activate a special ball that gives you two lives instead of just one in Stack Breaker’s game.

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How Can I Earn The Stack Breaker Ball Pieces?

To get the Stack Breaker Ball, you’ll need to collect all three pieces. Pieces 1 and 2 have been fully claimed, but the third and final piece is now up for grabs. Below, you’ll find the requirements for obtaining the final piece. The 3rd piece was released recently. Obtain this piece by following the instructions below to become the proud owner of the completed Stack Breaker Ball, which has two lives instead of one.

Pinball: If you earned 10,000 Tokens playing Pinball, you were rewarded with piece number 1 of the Stack Breaker Ball. (50/50 accounted for).

Stack Breaker: If you caught fire 75 times playing Stack Breaker, you were rewarded with piece number 2 of the Stack Breaker Ball. (50/50 accounted for). 

*Fireball purchases did not count towards your catch fire count. To catch fire, you had to break pieces quickly without dying to catch fire.

Dodge And Dash: Earn 10,000 coins on Dodge and Dash to win piece number 3 of the Stack Breaker Ball. (0/50 collected).

Good luck to all players in getting the final piece.

**Note: Each Stack Breaker Ball NFT piece is limited at 50 pieces.

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