Referral Program Improvements

Referrals are one of the most important drivers of PipeFlare’s growth. We will continue improving the referral program and make it more profitable for referrers.

Below are some of the short-term changes we will be making to the program:

Integration With Games: Referrers will earn a commission based on any winnings their referrals have in the game leaderboards. For example, if you referrer person X, and they win $10 in the game leaderboard, you’ll earn a % of that $10. As our game inventory continues to grow, so will your rewards.

Monthly Competitions: Every month we’ll have a Top 20 Referrer leaderboard with extra prizes. Referrers with the 20 most referrals for that month will win prizes ranging from $5 to $100.

Premium Support: All referrers with 25+ active referrals will have access to a premium support channel with dedicated support. Once you hit 25 referrals, you’ll receive an automated email with an invitation.

Referral Tiers: Referrers will be have several tiers, with increasing rewards. As you refer more people, your tier will increase, and so will your rewards. We’ll also have a paid tier with extra perks.

Access To Advanced Analytics: We are currently working on adding an advanced analytics section for certain tiers of referrers. More to come on this in the coming weeks.

If you have any suggestions, please join our discord and post in the General-Chat channel.



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