Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors Airdrops

Introducing: Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors Airdrops. Every month, we will be airdropping $150 worth of 1FLR Tokens across the wallets of our Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors players.

To become eligibile, you’ll need to play 3,000 hands of Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors. That’s right, to become eligible, all you’ll have to do is play 3,000 hands of our brand new, super fun game!  The airdrop will be equally distributed, so once you play 3,000 hands, you’re automatically enrolled in that month’s airdrop!

On the day of the airdrop, your “hands played” will reset. Once this is done, you will have 30 days to play 3,000 hands and become enrolled again!

We know you’ll love playing Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors, so why not get rewarded for playing? Sounds like a fair deal to us. 

Play Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors TODAY to become eligible for these HUGE monthly airdrops.

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