Pyro’s Mining Rush Weekly Skin Subscription

Introducing PMR Skin Subscription: Level Up Your Game

We’re excited to launch a new weekly Skin Subscription for Pyro’s Mining Rush, priced at just $1.99. Each week, you’ll receive a piece of a skin—an arm, leg, torso, or head. Collect all four to create a complete in-game skin with unique perks. With skins available in common, rare, super rare, and legendary levels, the adventure in collecting just got more interesting.

The Process

Every week, we drop a random skin piece into your account. There are seven NFT skins, each breaking down into four parts (Arms / Legs / Torso / Head). Your mission is to collect one of each type to assemble a full skin. Once you have one of each type, you can merge them into a complete usable skin.

Trading Made Easy

End up with pieces you don’t need? Our marketplace is your go-to for selling them, opening up the possibility of earning back some cash and adding an engaging twist to your subscription. You can also check the marketplace for missing pieces from your collection.

Subscription at a Glance

  • Cost: $1.99 weekly
  • What You Get: A random skin piece
  • Variety: Common, Rare, or Super Rare
  • Marketplace: A place to sell or trade unwanted pieces
  • Renewal: Automatic, so you never miss out

Why Join?

This isn’t just about snagging cool skins; it’s about adding a layer of strategy and community interaction to your gaming experience. Whether you’re aiming to complete your skin collection or engage with fellow gamers in the marketplace, our subscription offers a fresh way to enjoy Pyro’s Mining Rush.

Dive into the action and start building your collection today. The next piece you receive could be the final puzzle piece to that super rare skin you’ve been chasing.

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