Pyros Mining Rush Game With Amazing Rewards!

Welcome to Pyros Mining Rush, an exciting new Platformer that will take you into the world of mining and treasure hunting. Get ready to battle enemies, collect valuable resources, and unlock unique NFTs to enhance your gameplay experience. With surprises at every turn, Pyros Mining Rush is ready to shake up the gaming community. Therefore, no matter the level of your profile in PipeFlare, you will be available to access the game from level 1, after supporters who get early access. Prepare yourself for an unforgettable journey.

Game Rewards

Rewards play a vital role in Pyros Mining Rush. Playing the game will earn you the following:

  • NFTs: The NFTs you acquire in-game will become valuable items that enhance your gameplay experience. These unique items include weapons, armor, tools, special suits, and other in-game items to enhance skills. Additionally, you can sell these NFTs in the marketplace.
  • Leaderboard prizes: We are giving out over 200,000 2FLR tokens for our leaderboard to split between the top 20 users with the highest number of mined blocks.
  • Fortune wheel rewards: Claim your daily free sprint in the fortune wheel, which gives you ORE tokens or other in-game items.
  • Upcoming Rewards: The surprises in Pyros Mining Rush are endless! In addition to NFTs, the game will introduce crystals and skill tree points to enrich your gameplay experience.

How To Play

Begin your mining adventure soon with an interactive tutorial. Learn about the objectives for each level, familiarize yourself with game mechanics, and about in-game XP in the game.

How To Get NFTs With Mining And ORE Tokens

The key to unlocking powerful NFTs lies in mining valuable resources called ORE Tokens. These tokens represent raw metals such as platinum, gold, copper, nickel, and iron. You can obtain ORE Tokens through mining blocks or by opening treasure chests scattered throughout the game. As you accumulate these tokens, you will have to visit two locations to convert them into NFTs.

  • The Smelter: Visit the smelter to exchange your ORE Tokens for ingots made from the metals you have collected. These ingots play a crucial role in obtaining valuable NFTs.
  • The Smithy: Once you have obtained ingots, head to the smithy where you can exchange them for a variety of NFTs, including weapons, armor, tools, special suits, special skills, and other in-game items that enhance your game experience.

How To Get On The Leaderboard

Be fast! Mine all the blocks as quickly as you can to earn your place on the leaderboard and get your prize.

Skill Tree Points And Crystals – COMING SOON

These rewards are coming soon. We will update you all as soon as they are ready for you to start earning them.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the exciting world of Pyro’s Mining Rush. Unleash your mining skills, defeat enemies, and uncover rare resources to craft powerful NFTs. Explore the captivating gameplay, engage with the community, and rise to the top of the leaderboard. Pyro’s Mining Rush is coming, and you don’t want to miss out! Stay tuned for the official release and embark on an epic mining adventure like no other.

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