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PipeFlare is proud to introduce your Public Profile page, where you can share stats on your games, referral program progress, NFTs, and Power-Ups.

These stats make your friends get to know your achievements and incentive them to compete in games and the referral program, also to interact with the NFT Marketplace, and you will earn for their actions. It will be easier to you to refer your friends and show them how easy and fun it is to earn money with PipeFlare.

Let’s create and set up your Public Profile here

PipeFlare Account settings

Available Options

  • Create a fun username: You can change your name for a fun username.
  • Upload a photo: You can be identified by your photo, or you can select a creative image to show.
  • Show your games: You can show the games you have played, the total wins, and leaderboard earnings.
  • Show your referral stats: You can show which Tier you are and how many active referrals you have.
  • Show your Power-Ups and NFTs: You can show the cool NFTs you have purchased in our MarketPlace and the Power-Ups you have earned.

Also, you can select which information to share. you can set it here.

Create your public profile on PipeFlare

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