PipeFlare Partnership With 11Minutes

We are excited to announce an amazing partnership with 11Minutes. 11Minutes is a game development group that will release 1 to 2 new games a week where users can win up to $80,000. Each game will require you to purchase one “NFT Entry Ticket” for $45, and up to 10,000 users will participate in each session. After each public session, 11Minutes will integrate their game with 1FLR and allow users to earn Flare Tokens while playing.

What Is 11Minutes?

11Minutes is a game development company that produces fun and competitive casual games. Each game will require a $45 NFT entry ticket and has a top prize up to $80,000. Each game session will last 11 minutes and the highest score in that timeframe takes the grand prize. You can see the details here.

What Is PipeFlare?

PipeFlare.io is Blockchain’s largest casual play-to-earn gaming platform. PipeFlare currently has 6 play-to-earn games and is working toward 30 by Q2 2022. PipeFlare works with independent game developers around the globe to help them launch and monetize games to a global community.

What Is 1FLR?

1FLR is a decentralized gaming and NFT token. The open-source digital currency was created by a PipeFlare community member who envisioned it as a fun way to reward gamers. 1FLR partnered with PipeFlare in 2021 and now powers their gaming and NFT platform. 1FLR can be purchased on QuickSwap.

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