PipeFlare Instant Withdrawal

PipeFlare users have two withdrawal schedules: instant withdrawal and weekly withdrawal.

Instant Withdrawal:

If you have instant withdrawal activated, you can withdraw your currency immediately after reaching the minimum withdrawal amount. ZEC has no withdrawal amount, so you’ll be able to withdraw to your wallet immediately after a claim. DOGE has 1 DOGE minimum. Make sure you have an address saved so that the tokens can withdraw to your wallet.

In order to qualify for Instant Withdrawal, you’ll need to be either a PipeFlare Supporter (any level) or have 5 or more active referrals.

To see if you are active, check your Daily Rewards page.

Instant Withdrawal feature on

Weekly Withdrawal

By default, all users will start with Weekly Withdrawal. This means that you can withdraw your tokens every Monday. However, you need to meet the minimum requirement before you can withdraw, and you’ll need to have a wallet saved. There is no minimum requirement for ZEC, but DOGE has a 1 DOGE requirement.

If you have Weekly Withdrawal active, you’ll see it on your daily rewards page.

Weekly withdrawals option


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