Leaderboard Payout FAQ

Our community hosts weekly gaming competitions, where winners can earn PipeFlare Game Payouts up to $10 DAI for first place.

How To Enter

Entry is completely FREE. All you have to do is login, click on any game, and you can start competiting in the leaderboard.

What Tier Am I In?

Your prize depends on your Tier. You can be in Free Tier, Flare Tier, or Supporter Tier. Free Tier is free for everyone, and Flare Tier / Supporter Tier can be purchased by hitting the “Subscribe” button. Supporter Tier has the highest rewards.

FlareHit Game Tiers

How Long Are Leaderboards?

Leaderboards take place from Sunday to Sunday, for 7 days.

How Do I Know If I’ve Won?

In order to win, you need to place in the top 300 of the leaderboard. If you do place in the top 300, you will get an e-mail with your place on the leaderboard. If you do not place in the top 300, you do not get an email and do not get an award.

How Do I Get Paid?

PipeFlare Game Payouts are paid in ZEC. So if the top prize is 10 DAI, you will get $10 in ZEC to the address you have stored in your account. If you did not receive your prize, ensure that you actually placed in the top 300 of the leaderboard for that week.

When Will I Get Paid?

We issue payments the Friday after the leaderboard ends. This gives the team 5 days to go over the data to ensure there is no cheating or suspicious activity.

I Am Sure I Placed In Top 300, But Didn’t Get Paid

Many users play at the end of the week, so if you think you are in the top 300 but didn’t get paid, it’s possible that some users jumped ahead of you on the leaderboard. Our recommendation is to keep playing until the end of the leaderboard to make sure nobody gets more score than you.

Another reason for not getting PipeFlare Game Payouts is if your account was flagged for fraudulent/suspicious activity. We want to ensure a safe and positive community, so any attempts to cheat the system will not be tolerated.

If you have any questions, please join our Discord and post in our “Support” channel.

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