PipeFlare Daily Streak And Withdrawals Updates – Unleash Your Rewards In Q4

Get ready for an incredible season of rewards as we introduce our new daily streak system. Claim your tokens from our faucets daily for a chance to earn tokens and exclusive daily rewards. Complete a 28-day streak to unlock a grand prize — a special Pyro Mystery Egg NFT!

Claiming Daily Rewards

Take advantage of our daily claim feature and unlock fantastic rewards every day. But that’s not all! If you maintain a streak of 28 consecutive days, you’ll also be eligible to receive the Pyro Mystery Egg NFT. 

The calendar will reset once you complete your initial 28-day streak, initiating a new cycle. This means that you can continue claiming and enjoying these rewards indefinitely. Here’s a breakdown of the rewards you can expect each day: 

  • Day 1: 1.05x faucet multiplier
  • Day 2: 1 small health potion from Pyro’s Mining Rush
  • Day 3: 1.1x faucet multiplier
  • Day 4: 2 Pyro’s Gems
  • Day 5: 500 2FLR tokens (don’t forget to sign the user contract to claim them)
  • Day 6: 1 bonus spin
  • Day 7: 2x faucet multiplier
  • Day 8: 1.05x faucet multiplier
  • Day 9: 3 Pyro’s Gems
  • Day 10: 1.1x faucet multiplier
  • Day 11: 1 large health potion for Pyro’s Mining Rush
  • Day 12: 700 2FLR tokens
  • Day 13: 1 bonus spin
  • Day 14: 2.5x faucet multiplier
  • Day 15: 1.1x faucet multiplier
  • Day 16: 3 Pyro’s Gems
  • Day 17: 1 Mystery Egg
  • Day 18: 1 large mining potion for Pyro’s Mining Rush
  • Day 19: 750 2FLR tokens
  • Day 20: 1 bonus spin
  • Day 21: 3x faucet multiplier
  • Day 22: 1.05x faucet multiplier
  • Day 23: 1 gold ingot for Pyro’s Mining Rush
  • Day 24: 1.1x faucet multiplier
  • Day 25: 1 platinum ingot for Pyro’s Mining Rush
  • Day 26: 1000 2FLR tokens
  • Day 27: 1 bonus spin
  • Day 28: 3.5x faucet multiplier

*Complete a full 28-day claim streak and receive a random bonus Pyro Mystery Egg NFT!*

Don’t Break Your Streak! Use Gems to Stay on Track

To ensure you don’t lose your 28-day streak system, you can use 3 gems within 48 hours of your last claim. For example, if you miss claiming on Day 2, use 3 gems within 48 hours from the last claim to keep your daily streak rewards intact. But remember, if you fail to use gems within the given timeframe, you’ll have to start your streak over.

Claims and Payouts

Your claims and payouts depend on your player progression level and membership status.

  • Email Verification:
    • A verified email address is needed to access anything.
  • Player Progression Levels:
    • Level 1: Allows you to claim ZEC, PKZ, and 2FLR tokens.
    • Level 2: Allows you to claim MATIC tokens.
    • Level 3: Allows you to claim 1FLR tokens and enables you to withdraw funds from all faucets mentioned.
  • Pyro NFT Benefits:
    • Pyro NFT holders get access to claim and withdraw from the Mystery Faucet.
  • Membership Benefits:
    • Hardcore or Professional Supporter Membership: Grants claims and withdrawals from all faucets (except for the Mystery Faucet). Casual Memberships still follow the Player Progression Level Rules.

Note: For all levels, the 2FLR faucet is upcoming.

All Members have access to all other features, such as NFT Sales Payouts, Monthly Referral Payouts, Game Leaderboard Payouts, and more.

Enjoy the journey with us and make the most of your daily streak system! Claim your way to bonuses, unlock the Pyro Mystery Egg, and aim for monthly payouts. Get ready to conquer Q4 like never before.

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