2FLR Storm Blazer NFT Airdrop – Coming Soon

We are delighted to announce an upcoming limited-time Airdrop event featuring 2FLR tokens and a unique piece of Storm Blazer NFT. This opportunity will soon be available to all our existing users and newcomers to our platform.

Users can claim 500 2FLR tokens and a third of an exclusive Storm Blazer NFT by using a desktop browser or mobile via Aurora Pass and Metamask. Here is the step-by-step guide video for the claiming process.

After claiming the Airdrop, and login into your new or current account, you can view your fresh piece of the Storm Blazer NFT on your profile. You can gather the remaining two pieces over time to complete your NFT.

Once you’ve collected all three pieces and assembled them, you will unlock the supreme power of the Storm Blazer Sword. This phenomenal weapon can be used in our new game, Pyro’s Mining Rush. With it, you will have the capability to overcome your adversaries with significant force.

Looking to boost your rewards? By inviting friends using your referral code, the benefits grow with each successful referral! For every friend who claims the airdrop, you’ll receive an additional 25 2FLR. But that’s not all – if you reach 25 referrals through the airdrop, you’ll earn 2 gems, and with 50 successful referrals, you’ll unlock 1 skill tree point. Hint: If you start telling everyone about it now. They may sign up when you drop your referral link!

Stay tuned for when it’s time to claim your rewards!

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