MATIC Mainnet vs. MATIC On Other Networks

The MATIC Token is supported on several networks, which can be confusing for first time MATIC Users.

For example, the MATIC Token on Coinbase is the Ethereum version of MATIC, not the MATIC Mainnet. When withdrawing from Coinbase, the site does NOT warn you that you are withdrawing MATIC Ethereum, which can result in lost funds and delays.

Binance supports both tokens, but when you withdraw MATIC you need to specify you are withdrawing MATIC Mainnet, not MATIC Ethereum.

This is really important when saving an address in your daily claims form. When you save an address, make sure you using an address on the MATIC Mainnet.

To ensure you have a MATIC Mainnet address, please use a wallet that supports MATIC Mainnet.

You can start on the Polygon Wallet Page or use the very popular MetaMask. If you use MetaMask, make sure you add the MATIC Network to your account. If you are not sure how to add MATIC to your MetaMask, please read this blog.

There are many other wallets that support Mainnet as well.

Summary: PLEASE make sure you are adding the MATIC Mainnet address to your daily rewards page.

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