Join PipeFlare + Eesee’s $1000 April Airdrop

Get ready for an exciting opportunity to win your share of $1000 in PipeFlare’s month-long airdrop event! As a bonus, you’ll also be entered into TWO MORE Airdrops at the Throughout the next four weeks, we’ll be presenting you with different tasks to complete, giving you the chance to enter the airdrop and potentially win big. This Airdrop celebrates our partnership with

For week one, we’ve got a challenge lined up for you. By participating in this week’s task, you’ll be one step closer to winning your share of the $1000 prize. Let’s dive into the details!

Week One Challenge: Bid on the PipeFlare Airdrop NFT

Step 1: Visit the Pyro #3 Airdrop NFT on
To begin, head directly to Pyro #3 on Eesee. Make sure you’re on the Pyro #3 page to be eligible for the airdrop. Only this NFT will be eligible for this week.

Step 2: Place Your Bid
Each bid you place on the selected NFT using your connected wallet counts as one entry into the PipeFlare $1000 airdrop. The more bids you make, the higher your chances of winning! If you do not have USDB (the token needed to make a bid), you will need to bridge from Ethereum or Polygon using Eesee’s bridging tool. Everytime you bridge to Blast, you’re automatically entered into the Blast Airdrop.

**All the gas fees you pay will be reimbursed to you in Eesee tokens after the token launch event. Please take a screenshot of all your transactions, and fill out this form, so that Eesee can track your reimbursements**

Important: Please note that each individual transaction or bid counts as a separate entry. If you make a single transaction with multiple bids, it will still be considered as one entry. To increase your odds, make sure to place bids through separate transactions.

Step 3: Repeat and Increase Your Chances
Feel free to place additional bids on the selected NFT using your connected wallet. The more entries you have, the better your chances of being chosen one of the the lucky winners of the $1000 airdrop.

Step 4: Add Your Eesee Wallet Address to PipeFlare
Before placing your bids, it’s essential to connect the wallet address you’ll be using for bidding to your PipeFlare account. This step is crucial for tracking your entries and ensuring you’re eligible for the airdrop. Visit your PipeFlare account settings page and click on “Add Eesee Wallet Address”.

Step 5: Visit This Blog Post Next Week
To discover what you need to do next week to earn more raffle tickets and increase your chances of winning your share of the $1000 prize, make sure to visit this page again in a week’s time. We’ll be updating the page with the next challenge, so you can continue participating in the month-long airdrop event.

That’s it for week one! By completing this week’s challenge, you’ve taken the first step towards potentially winning your share of the $1000 prize. Stay tuned for the upcoming challenges in the following weeks, as they’ll give you even more chances to enter the airdrop.

To check your share of the Airdrop, head on over to our Airdrop Page and scroll down to the Eesee airdrop section. Please note that new entries will be reflected and updated every 12 hours. This means if you bid right now, you won’t see the entry reflected for a couple hours.

Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity. Place your bids to enter the week one challenge. Remember to check back here next week for the next exciting challenge!

Good luck, and happy bidding!

What Is Eesee?

Eesee is a gamified marketplace and a liquidity solution that accelerates sales, provides additional trading volume and lowers cost barrier to enter the market. Tailored for digital assets, tokens and RWAs.

  • 400,000+ users in socials and 1,800,000+ wallets connected with $600M+ in assets on wallets in under 60 days of testnet.
  • Scaling very fast, one of the most discussed projects at the moment, TGE in early April, confirmed by top-tier CEXs

Investors include: Animoca Brands, SevenX Ventures,, Momentum6, Maven Capital, Marshland, Pentoshi, Kapo, Zeneca, Dingaling, Wizz, Gmoney, IvanOnTech, other notable Angels

What Is Blast?

Blast is the only Ethereum L2 with native yield for ETH and stablecoins.Hero

Blast yield comes from ETH staking and RWA protocols. The yield from these decentralized protocols is passed back to Blast users automatically. The default interest rate on other L2s is 0%. On Blast, it’s 4% for ETH and 5% for stablecoins. Read more about the Blast Airdrop.

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