Introducing: The Bandits (Coming Soon)

Watch out: the Bandits will be on the loose soon. Will you take your chances, or join the dark side? Learn more about these bad boys below. Estimated arrival date: November 2022.

What Are Bandits?

Bandits are a limited edition NFT; there are only 500 in circulation. These mischevious bandits have teamed up to steal your money! You can run, but you can’t hide. Every time you play a PipeFlare game, there is a chance that the prize pot will be stolen by the Bandits. The stolen prize pot will be distributed between all Bandit NFT holders.

How Can I Win A Bandit?

Bandits are quite literally “the bad eggs” of the bunch. Bandits can be won by collecting and redeeming Pyro’s Mystery Eggs. However, there is only one Mystery Egg that contains a Bandit: the Tanis Egg. Check out all of the ways you can earn Mystery Eggs here:

Surprise Airdrops

Earlier this year, we surprised all Pyro NFT Holders with a Mystery Egg airdrop. Each and every Pyro NFT Holder received a random egg. Want to be a part of future surprise airdrops? Mint or purchase a Pyro NFT today.


There are three different NFTs that contain various amounts of Pyro’s Mystery Eggs. These NFTs sell out fast, so be sure to get your hands on them ASAP:

Loot Box NFT: With the Loot Box NFT, you will receive 20 random Pyro’s Mystery Eggs. Will your Loot Box contain a Tanis egg (the egg that will hatch a bandit)? Hatch now to find out.

Hatch Factory NFT: With Pyro’s Hatch Factory NFT, you will receive 1 Mystery Egg DAILY for 365 Days. If you purchase this NFT, you have 365 chances of receiving a Tanis egg. Purchase Hatch Factory NFT now.

Mini Hatch Factory NFT: With the Mini Hatch Factory NFT, you will receive 1 Mystery egg every week for an entire year (52 eggs total). Purchase Mini Hatch Factory NFT now.


Pyro’s Mystery Eggs can also be won by playing certain PipeFlare games. Currently, you are able to win a Mystery Egg by playing:

Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors: There is a chance you win a Mystery Egg NFT with every hand played of Rock Paper Scissors. The more hands you play, the higher your chances of winning a Mystery Egg are! Play now.

Pyro’s Claw

Pyro’s Claw is just like a real-life arcade claw game. Maneuver the claw to your desired location, cross your fingers, and drop the claw. Who knows, maybe you’ll win a Tanis egg!

Bandit Roadmap

  1. Bandits will first be introduced into Rock Paper Scissors
  2. Bandits will be implemented into each PipeFlare game
  3. Bandits will begin to steal from all gaming leaderboards
  4. Neighborhood Watch: These NFTs will protect you from the Bandits

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