Introducing: Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors

Win Free Crypto, NFTs and MORE in PipeFlare’s Newest Game

The day has finally come: Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors is ready to play and you can immediately start earning Crypto, NFTs, Airdrops, and Faucet Bonuses.  

Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors is anything but your average game of ro-sham-bo…it’s way more fun. Wager tokens and triumph over the competition to WIN BIG.

Check out our FAQ below to discover all of the ways to maximize your Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors earnings.

win free nfts crypto and more by playing pyro's rock paper scissors


How can I increase my earnings?

Rock Paper Scissors Faucet Multiplier: Players are able to increase their faucet multiplier up to 3x by playing Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors. The more hands you play, the higher your faucet multiplier. Learn more here.

Rock Paper Scissors Bonus - Faucet Multiplier

Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors Airdrops: Every month, there will be Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors Airdrops (worth $150 USD). To become eligible, simply play 3000 hands of the game. The airdrop will be evenly distributed between everyone who has met the eligibility requirement.

Pyro NFTs: In this game, owning a Pyro gives you a huge advantage over your competitors*. Pyro owners receive a higher pot bonus and an increased chance to win a Pyro NFT in-game. The rarer your Pyro, the higher your rewards.

*Note: We recommend MINTING a Pyro NFT for a chance at getting a Super Rare Pyro at a great price.

Weekly Leaderboards: Compete for a share of over $500 USD in prize money in our weekly gaming leaderboards.

Daily Free Spin: Win a variety of free prizes by claiming your DAILY Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors spin.

Daily Rock Paper Scissors Spin

How can I increase my chances of winning an NFT?

NFT Drop Probability will be dependent on two factors: Pyro NFT ownership and the amount of hands you play. Play more hands, and purchase/mint a Pyro to increase your chances of winning a FREE Pyro NFT.

Pyro Bonuses

How do I buy Flare Tokens?

To purchase Flare Tokens, you’ll need to purchase MATIC from a cryptocurrency exchange platform such as QuickSwap or MoonPay. Then, via MetaMask (or the QuickSwap 1FLR MATIC Pool), swap your MATIC for 1FLR.

Can I still play if I don’t have crypto?

Yes, not to worry. If you don’t have Flare Tokens, you will have the option to purchase an NFT Starter Set. There are three NFT Starter Sets available that will grant you access to the game. Check them out here:

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