Introducing 2FLR: A New In-Game Token for the PipeFlare Community (Coming Soon)

What is The Flare In-Game Token (2FLR)?

Meet 2FLR, our new in-game token designed to streamline your gaming experience on PipeFlare. This token is a convenient form of in-game currency which can be used across all game on PipeFlare.

2FLR is compatible with all of our top games, and all games currently using Yellow Tokens. With 2FLR, you can effortlessly manage your tokens across all games within one wallet, and swap your tokens from one game to the next.

How to Use 2FLR?

Using 2FLR tokens is easy and intuitive. You can use them to purchase items, characters, and boosts in compatible games. When you’re done using them in one game, you can take them to the next game.

2FLR tokens can be stored in your PipeFlare profile, as well as on an external wallet. All games will connect to your PipeFlare 2FLR balance. Whenever you win 2FLR, it’s added to your profile. When you use 2FLR for purchases, it’s deducted from your profile balance. This way, managing your tokens becomes straightforward, regardless of how many different games you’re playing.

You’ll be able to deposit and withdraw your 2FLR, similar to your 1FLR.

How to Get 2FLR?

Getting 2FLR tokens is as simple as playing and winning in your favorite games. Also, you can conveniently purchase 2FLR with 1FLR, complete PipeFlare Daily Challenges, use free daily spins, and participate in the 28-Day Streak Rewards.

In addition, we are excited to announce limited-time airdrops that will include 2FLR tokens. These airdrops are exclusive events that will provide an excellent opportunity for you to boost your 2FLR balance.

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