Install MetaMask, Add Polygon Network, And Claim MATIC And 1FLR With PipeFlare

MetaMask Installation (Computer Browser)

  1. Head to
  2. Under the “Earn” tab, click “Daily Rewards
  3. Scroll down to our faucets.
  4. Click on the Matic faucet, and to the right of it, you’ll see a button for “Set Up Matic Wallet”. Click this link, and it will redirect you to MetaMask’s website.
  5. Indicate which browser you are using, then select “Download”.
  6. Click the “add extension” button. This will look different depending on which browser you are using.
  7. Once the extension has fully downloaded, open it and click “Get Started”.
  8. Click “Create A Wallet”.
  9. Create a password for your MetaMask Account (Note: this protects your MetaMask account. Be sure to use a strong password), then click “Create”
  10. The next page that loads will direct you on saving your Secret Recovery Phrase. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. DON’T SKIP IT!. write down your Secret Recovery Phrase on a fine piece of paper and save it securely offline. Never share or disclose this phrase to anybody. Your Secret Recovery Phrase gives access to your funds and helps you to restore your wallet on any device. DON’T LOSE IT; DON’T SHARE IT.
  1. Confirm your secret recovery phrase by clicking on the words in chronological order.
  2. You have now installed MetaMask and created an account!

Add Polygon Network and Claim MATIC

  • Click Ethereum Mainnet in the top right corner of your screen
  • Select “Add Network”
  • When prompted, input the following information:
  • Click Save
  • Now that you are connected to the Polygon Network, copy your wallet address.
  • Head back to PipeFlare’s faucets (located in Earn > Daily Rewards) and paste your wallet into “Add MATIC Wallet”
  • Click Save
  • Click “Yes, I am using a Matic Mainnet Address”
  • Begin Claiming MATIC!

Claim Flare Tokens

  • Click on the 1FLR Faucet (located in Earn > Daily Rewards)
  • Click “Add Flare Token”
  • This will redirect to your MetaMask Extension
  • Click “Add Token”
  • Copy and paste your wallet address into “Add 1FLR Address”
  • Click Save
  • Begin Claiming 1FLR!

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