How To: Get Your Free PIVX Wallet Quickly And Easily | PIVX Faucet

You can quickly start withdrawing your funds to a secure PIVX Wallet. We recommend using Coinomi wallet – a company with a great UI and strong reputation.

Step 1: Download Coinomi To Desktop or Mobile

Creating new wallet in Coinomi

Step 2: Find “PIVX” on the “Home” Screen and click it.

PIVX in the Coinomi list

Step 3: Click the PIVX button and copy your address. This address tells us where to send your funds.

PIVX coin in the wallet
PIVX address in Coinomi

Step 4: Paste your address into your “Extra Rewards” page.

Pasting PIVX wallet address to the Extra Rewards

That’s it! From now on, all funds claimed will go directly to this new address. 

Download Coinomi Now To Desktop or Mobile

If you need help getting a DASH Wallet, please click here.


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