Free User Claim Update (Daily Claims)

New Changes to Daily Faucet Claims on PipeFlare Starting September 1st!

Hello, PipeFlare community! We’re here with important updates that will streamline how you use our platform’s faucet claims. We’ve been closely listening to your feedback and have decided to make adjustments to enhance our current system. These changes, effective from September 1st, are designed to create a more structured experience, especially for our free users. Let’s delve into the details of these changes.

Introducing Day-Based Faucet Claims for Free Users:

Starting from September 1st, we’re introducing an updated faucet claims system for our free users. We’re assigning specific days for different cryptocurrency faucets, so you’ll know exactly which days are associated with:

  • Monday: ZEC Faucet
  • Tuesday: MATIC Faucet
  • Wednesday: 1FLR Faucet
  • Thursday: ZEC Faucet
  • Friday: MATIC Faucet
  • Saturday: 1FLR Faucet
  • Sunday: ZEC, MATIC, and 1FLR Faucet

These changes bring structure to the claiming process, ensuring a more balanced distribution throughout the week. Don’t miss a day, because if you do you’ll need to wait for the next claim day.

Supporters Enjoy Unlimited Daily Claims:

For our supporters, worry not. These changes won’t affect you. You’ll continue to enjoy unrestricted access to claiming ZEC, MATIC, or 1FLR every day, regardless of the designated days for free users. Your continued support is appreciated, and we want to ensure your experience remains seamless.

We’re committed to enhancing your experience on PipeFlare, even if it means refining some aspects. These changes are aimed at offering a more balanced and structured claiming process. Thank you for being a part of the PipeFlare community. Expect more updates as we continue to evolve and optimize your experience.

If you’re interested in becoming a supporter and earning a ton of perks and privileges, check out the supporter page here.

Mystery Faucet and 2FLR Faucets

You may be curious what happens with your Mystery Faucet and 2FLR Faucets. We aren’t implementing any changes, so the Mystery Faucet is still claimed daily and the 2FLR faucet, once weekly!

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