How To Earn Flare Tokens

Flare Tokens are the native currency of PipeFlare. Our tokens are not currently tradeable, but we are working toward that in Q2 2021.

There are several ways to earn more tokens:

Use The Faucet

You can claim FLR for free, every 36 hours, using the PipeFlare Crypto Faucet. Just create an account, head over to your Daily Rewards page, and scroll down to the FLR section.

Play Games

Anybody can earn Flare Tokens while playing games in the PipeFlare arcades. We currently have 3 games that give token rewards, and those include BeatBox, FlareJump, and FlareHit. We are looking to add more games this year that incorporate rewards.

To learn more about games and leaderboards, read our Leaderboard Blog.


You can earn more Flare Tokens by participating in our free Airdrops. You can see which airdrops we have active here:

Every user who has claimed a token in the last 30 days is eligible to enter the airdrop for free.

Buying / Selling / Exchanging Tokens

We are currently working on ways for you to buy/sell/exchange your Flare Tokens. This is slated for development in Q2 2021.

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