How To Earn Flare Tokens

Flare Tokens (1FLR) are the native currency of PipeFlare. 1FLR has multiple utility functions, which the development team intends to augment regularly.

There are several ways to earn more 1FLR tokens:

Use The Faucet

You can claim 1FLR for free, every 24 hours, using the PipeFlare Crypto Faucet. Just create an account, head over to your Daily Rewards page, and scroll down to the claiming section.

Play Games

Anybody can earn Flare Tokens while playing games in the PipeFlare arcade. Tokens are dropped throughout gameplay. To increase your 1FLR token drop rate, purchase this NFT.

Compete In Weekly Leaderboards

Finish within the top 300 in our weekly leaderboards to earn 1FLR Tokens.

Participate in AirDrops

You can earn more Flare Tokens by participating in our free Airdrops. You can see which airdrops we have active this month by checking out our airdrops page.

Buy / Sell / Exchange Tokens

Use a compatible online cryptocurrency exchange platform to purchase MATIC. Then, with MetaMask (or the QuickSwap 1FLR MATIC pool), swap your MATIC for 1FLR.*


Stake your 1FLR Tokens and increase your staking bonus by up to 47%.

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