December $150 Active Referral Competition

PipeFlare is more fun with friends. Thank you for continuing to spread the word about our platform! This December, if we can increase our active referral count to 10,500, we will airdrop $150 across the wallets of all eligible users. Learn more below.

What is an active referral?

An active referral is a user that was invited to PipeFlare, made an account, and made at least one claim. In order to stay active, a referral must make 1 claim a week.

How will the $150 be distributed?

The $150 will be evenly distributed across the wallets of all eligible users. That means, whether you have 5 active referrals, or 50 active referrals, you will receive a share of the prize money. Everybody is a winner!

Where can I see updates?

To follow the competition in real time, head to the Referrals Dashboard page. Here, you will find our active referral counter.

How do I refer friends to PipeFlare?

Referring your friends to PipeFlare is easy. Simply copy and paste your referral link, located on the Referrals Dashboard page. Here are a number of other ways you can spread the word about PipeFlare.

How can I earn with referrals?

In addition to this competition, there are tons of ways to earn from your PipeFlare referrals. Check them out here.

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