Top 5 Most Important Features Crypto Faucet Should Have

We polled our community to understand what’s most important to them in a cryptocurrency Faucet. The results are in! The top 5 community requested features are:

  1. (30%) Fast Payouts – Users want to be able to withdraw funds quickly without waiting for a minimum amount or certain amount of time. With the PipeFlare faucet, you can get your free ZEC and free PIVX and withdraw them immediately. There’s no need to wait! We often hear complaints about scam faucet websites that have ridiculously high minimum withdrawals – you’ll never find that on our website. 
  1. (25%) Daily Bonus Multipliers – Users want to be rewarded for their engagement and loyalty, especially if they are coming back day after day. On the PipeFlare faucet, you’ll get a daily bonus multiplier for coming back every day. After 5 days, you’ll get a 2x multiplier. On the 6th day, you’ll get a bonus spin worth up to $5 USD.
  1. (23%) Referral Programs – Users want to be able to provide value to their friends and family by helping them earn free crypto. Referral programs are really important in many industries, and crypto is no different. PipeFlare has a world class referral program that’s constantly evolving. 
  1. (12%) Good User Interface – Most crypto faucet websites are awful – clunky – ugly – terrible – you name it. When we designed PipeFlare, we wanted it to be different than any Bitcoin Faucet. We have the user in mind, and we try to make their journey and experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into our design, and are open to feedback.
  2. (10%) Staking Features – Users want to be able to multiply their funds and “stake” their winnings. Users consistently convery that they see crypto as a form of investment, so it makes sense that users would want to multiply their funds via staking. PipeFlare doesn’t support staking, but there are plenty of exchanges that will allow you to stake in return for a % return.

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