How to Install Atomic Wallet, Set Up Your ZEC Wallet, and Claim ZEC in PipeFlare

So, how to use atomic wallet? Bellow goes the step-by-step guide.

Atomic Wallet Installation (Computer Browser)

  1. Head to
  2. Under the “Earn” tab, click “Daily Rewards
  3. Scroll down to our faucets.
  4. Click on the ZEC faucet, and to the right of it, you’ll see a button for “Set Up ZEC Wallet”. Click this link, and it will redirect you to Atomic Wallet’s website.
  5. Indicate which operating system you are using by clicking the icon.
  6. Next, a popup will appear. Click “Save”
  7. Wait for Atomic Browser to Install

How to Get Your ZEC Wallet Address in Atomic Wallet and Claim ZEC in PipeFlare

  1. Now that you’ve downloaded Atomic Wallet, open the application.
  2. Click “Create Wallet”
  3. Determine your passcode
  4. The next page that loads will direct you to saving your Backup Recovery Phrase. THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT. DON’T SKIP IT!. write down your Backup Recovery Phrase on a fine piece of paper and save it securely offline. Never share or disclose this phrase to anybody. Your Secret Recovery Phrase gives access to your funds and helps you to restore your wallet on any device. DON’T LOSE IT; DON’T SHARE IT.
  5. You will now have access to your wallet.
  6. In the top left corner, search: ZCash.
  7. Click the ZCash icon.
  8. Select “Receive”
  9. This will bring you to a page with your ZEC Wallet Address
  10. Copy wallet address to clipboard.
  11. Head back to the ZEC Faucet on PipeFlare’s Website (Earn > Daily Rewards)
  12. Copy and paste your wallet address.
  13. Click “Save”
  14. Once PipeFlare has verified your wallet address, you’ll be able to claim ZEC.
  15. Click “Claim”

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