Changes To Monthly Referral Competition

Thanks to everyone who has participated in two months of referral competitions. So far we’ve paid out over $5000 in ZEC, and we plan to continue the program into 2022.

Based on the data and responses we are getting, we will be changing the qualifications of a “referral” to count for the competition.

Current Qualification: Currently, a new users must claim at least once to be counted toward the competition.

New Qualification: Starting Jan 1 2021, a referral must claim on three separate days and connect one social media account in order to be counted toward the competition.

We’re making this change because we are not seeing much re-engagement with the users who are being referred through the competition. The purpose of the competition is to bring in new users who join the community, play games, contribute, and enjoy themselves. We are not trying to attract users who come one time and never return.

Thanks for your understanding and hope to see you compete soon!


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