PipeFlare’s $250 Monthly Referral Competition

Everything is better with friends – especially PipeFlare. PipeFlare is the best ecosystem to play and earn together. Refer your friends to PipeFlare to compete in our $250 Monthly Referral Competition. Check out the details below:

How Much Can I Earn In PipeFlare’s Monthly Referral Competition?

PipeFlare is home to a $250 Monthly Referral Competition. Rank within the top 10 to earn up to $125 (paid out in ZEC).

July Referral Competition

How Do I Become Qualified For The Referral Competition?

A referral must claim on three separate days and connect one social media account in order to be counted toward the competition.

How Do I Refer Friends To PipeFlare?

Referring friends to PipeFlare is extremely easy and only takes a few seconds. Simply head on over to your Referrals Dashboard (located under the ‘Earn’ tab on the homepage). Here, you will find your unique referral code and options to refer friends with a click of a button (via Email, WhatsApp, Twitter and LinkedIn). Share with as many friends as possible to compete in our monthly competition!

Referrals Link

What Else Can I Earn By Referring Friends?

You can earn more than free crypto by referring your friends to PipeFlare. You will also earn:

  • Passive Income: Earn 100% Commission on FOUR Tiers of Referrals. Referral Tiers are explained here.
  • Referral Multiplier: Earn up to 2x Faucet Rewards by referring your friends. The more friends you refer to PipeFlare, the higher your Faucet Rewards will be.
Referral Faucet Mutliplier

So, are you ready to earn? Refer and start earning today.

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