Beware Of Scammers

Impersonators can create social media accounts using our logo and name to look like us. Usually, they post on our networks requesting or inviting you to transfer your tokens to a wallet address. You may also get contacted in a DM by a fake member of our team about some issue you are having and try to scam you.

The PipeFlare Team will never start a direct message with you. We only respond to your DMs.

There is only one official support system: Any other support portals are scams.

We can only ban impersonators from PipeFlare networks when we become aware of them; we cannot stop them from contacting you or creating fake accounts using our logo and name. You must remain vigilant. Please be skeptical. Don’t trust, verify. Never send your tokens out of OTC.

Contact us immediately if you get any DM from a supposed team member or notice a fake PipeFlare account. Please make use of the #report-spam-scamming.

Everyone has a responsibility to themselves to protect their own property. We can only do so much with our periodic reminders and attempts to help educate people. We cannot be everywhere. Stay vigilant, and don’t let anyone take your MATIC, ZEC, or 1FLR.

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