AMA Recap – 6.30.22

On Thursday, June 30th, 2022, we hosted our first AMA. We had so much fun connecting with our community and answering all of the questions you had about PipeFlare. Just in case you weren’t able to make our first AMA, we decided to recap it for you below. Prefer to listen? Click here.

PipeFlare Discord AMA Recap

How do you deal with a market crash? Do you burn tokens?

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE* We believe that this ‘winter’ will be a good thing, not just for PipeFlare, but for the entire industry. This is a time when good, solid teams will prosper, and bad projects will die out. The crypto space was very saturated a few months ago, and we are already seeing, just after two months, how many projects are disappearing. PipeFlare, however, continues to make progress every day. As a company, we believe we will come out on top when the next bull run is here. We keep investing in what makes the site great (incentives, games, fun, community, customer service) and will continue to focus on these aspects. PipeFlare has not slowed down in the past few months and has instead continued to launch new features, NFTs, and games.

In regard to the token burn question, we have recently implemented a token burn. Starting July 15th, any user who has not been active on PipeFlare for 12 months will have their tokens burned. Learn more here.

How do you deal with rug pull?

Unfortunately, we are in an industry that has to worry about things like rug pulls.

We deal with this in a few ways, the first being transparency. If you go to the footer of our site, you will see every transaction that is taking place. The public is able to see any time we pay for a claim, a game, etc. We aim to give our community as much visibility into what is happening as possible.

Secondly, time. We’ve been here for two years. Rug pulls don’t typically happen after the two-year mark.

Thirdly, our team is public. Check out our team page to see all of our amazing team members! This also adds to the transparency aspect of PipeFlare.

Finally, our amazing investors: Digital Currency Group, Horizen, and Horizen Labs. We need to maintain credibility with our community because we never want to make our investors look bad.

What is your newest game/what are the rewards?

Next week, we will launch our first blockchain-based game, Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors. Professional Supporters already have access to the game (this is one of the many perks of being a Professional Supporter – early access to new launches and features).

In this game, you’ll wager your Flare Tokens and compete against a competitor by choosing rock, paper, or scissors. Every hand played in this game gives players a chance to win crypto, free NFTs, and faucet multipliers.

Owning a Pyro NFT will heavily impact your game earning potential, so let’s just say it’s definitely in your best interest to get one!

In the near future, we will also have Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors Airdrops…stay tuned for more information.

As we continue to develop the game, we will introduce exciting new features like Bandits, Neighborhood Watch, and eventually, land. Keep checking in for more updates!

What kinds of rewards will be given for Pyro Mystery Eggs?

We have 8 different Mystery Eggs, each of which has its own rarity. These eggs can be redeemed for various prizes like 1FLR Tokens, Referrals, PipeFlare Marketplace NFTs, land and so much more. You’ll be able to win these eggs by playing Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors, and hopefully soon, in many more games.

How are market fluctuations affecting your roadmap?

This downward fluctuation that we are experiencing now is a great time for us to think about why we are here, why we are successful, and really focus on that. We are finding a lot of success with our games and NFTs, so we are going to heavily lean on improving our games and adding fun and new types of NFTs. This will include, not only NFTs that can be used in games but NFTs that implement new and upcoming technology as well (including dynamic NFTs).

What makes PipeFlare unique?

PipeFlare stands out from its peers in several ways, but we will touch on a few at a high level. The first: faucet behavior. PipeFlare has multiple coins all on one site: ZEC, MATIC, 1FLR, SHIB. Three of these coins can be swapped for other coins, while other sites offer just one coin. For paid supporters, the faucet never runs dry. For Hardcore and Professional Supporters, faucet claims are automated, so you’ll never miss a claim. PipeFlare also has stronger payouts and offers several ways to get faucet boosts, making the payout gap even wider.

Secondly, our NFTs have actual use cases. For example, Pyro NFTs. You can earn passive SHIB through faucet claims and airdrops, passive Mystery Eggs through airdrops, passive 1FLR through Staking (up to 3% boost), and active 1FLR through gaming. Pyros are also on the Polygon Mainnet chain (versus the Ethereum chain), so if you want to transfer or sell any NFTs, you won’t be paying any outrageous gas fees. We will continue to introduce new use cases. Check out our roadmap for more information.

Finally, our 1FLR Tokens. By Staking your 1FLR Tokens, you can earn up to a 53% Staking Bonus. Find out more here.

The current market situation is too unstable to restrain investors. What are your thoughts on this?

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE* Markets are cyclical. We have a lot of great features on PipeFlare that are going to help our users ride out this market. We are also very early in our stages of growth.

At the end of the day, some people can stomach the volatility of the market, and some people can’t. We believe, in this next bull run, we will come out really far ahead.

When will the Rock Paper Scissors Bonus become available?

The Rock Paper Scissors Bonus is available when the game launches. The game is already LIVE for Professional Supporters and will be live for the other tiers shortly. The game will be launched to the general public early next week, so stay tuned.

Where do you see PipeFlare headed in the next few years?

We believe the community around the Pyro NFT will grow substantially. We are going to integrate Pyro into more things. Right now, Pyro is integrated into Pyro’s Rock Paper Scissors, and we also have Pyro’s Cave. We are continuously adding features to Pyro’s Cave, and we will continue to give in-game perks to Pyro Holders. Pyro will become the core of this site, so everything we build will interact with the Pyros in a positive way. The higher your Pyro rank, the more perks you’ll receive. To get in on the fun, mint, or purchase a Pyro NFT today.

We also believe that we will continue to foster partnerships. Today, we have a partnership with CoinMarketCap and are really grateful to have such a great relationship with them. We believe partnerships like this will take us to the next level and are excited to work with many more amazing organizations in the future!

Finally, we will revamp all of our games to make them more fun and enjoyable, while focusing on blockchain-based games. We need to become a leader in Web3 gaming – not just gaming. That doesn’t mean we won’t continue to make Web2 games, we will just begin focusing more on Web3 games. Web3 games make it a lot easier to integrate NFTs…stay tuned for more updates.

What can we expect the price of 1FLR to be in the next bull run?

*NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE* Nobody knows what the price of anything will be in a year. We do believe, at our core, that we are undervalued in the marketplace. We can say, that we have more transactions and users than games with a market cap of $300,000,000 (while we have a market cap of $1,000,000).

When will 1FLR be available on bridges like Binance?

We’ve already built the bridge, we just need it to be audited by a security company. A lot of bridges have been getting hacked recently, so we don’t want to release a product that isn’t audited by a third-party security company. Stay tuned for more updates.

When will another game be added to the PipeFlare games?

We have a few more games that we plan on launching in the upcoming months, and plenty more games to come in the future. All of our games are available on Android, but in terms of certain games being added to iOs, it’s very time-consuming.

There will be many more AMAs in the near future. Stay up to date with all things PipeFlare by following us on social media!

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