A Guide To Winning Big In Subway Run: Enhanced Version

Subway Run is a thrilling game that rewards its top 10 leaderboard scores with $110 weekly. The game requires players to use tickets and power-ups to overcome obstacles to get the highest score possible. This guide will provide tips and tricks to help you avoid obstacles and use power-ups to win big rewards.

How To Play

To play Subway Run, you need tickets; each ticket provides 15 minutes of gameplay. The highest score achieved across all sections played counts towards your final score.

Get Tickets

Players can get tickets in several ways:

Catch In-Game Power-Ups

Subway Run has several in-game power-ups that enhance the gameplay. The followings are some power-ups and their functions:

  • Ghost Power-Up (new): This power-up allows you to go through trains without dying.
  • Magnet Power-Up: This power-up attracts tokens to your character as you run.
  • Super Gold Shoes: This power-up allows you to jump atop trains without taking any damage.

Dodge In-Game Obstacles

Subway Run challenges players to push their limits and test their skills. The game now features dynamic vault obstacles and randomized courses that add extra layers of difficulty to the gameplay. The following are some of the obstacles players can expect in game:

  • Stake Pit (new): Falling into this obstacle will make you lose your tokens.
  • Green Gooey Trap (new): If you stumble upon this obstacle, you’ll be immobilized, leaving you vulnerable to an oncoming train.
  • Angry Chickens: These chickens are so angry that they will kill you if you don’t avoid them.

Remember to try these power-ups and tips next time you play Subway Run to overcome obstacles and acquire tickets to play for longer and achieve a higher score. Play Now.

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