2020 Vision And Beyond

PipeFlare is currently a Faucet, but it’s going to be so much more than just free ZEC or free PIVX.

Our vision at PipeFlare is to create a fun hangout spot where our community can play games, learn about technology, and learn about crypto.

Short Term Goals

Goal 1: Incorporate games and leaderboards

We’re shooting for 5 to 10 fun games where users will compete in daily/weekly leaderboards for prizes in ZEC. Who doesn’t like games? Games are a great way to learn about crypto.

Goal 2: Create a Monthly Member Tier

We’re researching creating a “Subscriber Tier” which will give users access to “Subscriber-Only Leaderboards” with higher payouts. We’re exploring all the benefits of this Tier, and are open to ideas.

Goal 3: Create a Master Referrer Tier

At the request of many referrers, we are looking to create a “Master Referrer Tier” which will give referrers access to enhanced analytics and much higher payouts.

Medium Term Goals

Goal 1: Multiply Games x10

We’re looking to include 40-50 games in our arcade.

Goal 2: PipeFlare Token / Unique Items / Customizable Avatars

In line with classic crypto gaming, we’d researching how we can create customer skins / avatars to be used on PipeFlare.io. These skins and unique items can be purchased using the “Flare” tokens, which can be won at our arcade.

Goal 3: Incorporate Community Badges

Like all good community sites, we want to incorporate badges. Badges can be earned for a variety of things, such as # of games played, # of games won, #of claims on the Faucet, etc… Perhaps we will have a community badge contest to see who comes up with the most fun ideas?

Long Term Goals

Long-term, we have a single goal. To help game developers from around the globe create a passive income by hosting their games on PipeFlare.

Every high school student, college student, and indie studio will be able to host their games on PipeFlare and earn a % of the rewards. We hope that this will help the amateur game developers looking to make a name for themselves, and put some money in their pockets.

We are particularly excited about how this can help improve the lives of developers in 3rd world countries who have a really tough time monetizing their art/games.

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