Week 1: Post 1FLR Integration

Since Pipeflare integrated with the 1FLR community token on October 15th, it’s been a wild ride. The energy in discord is amazing and our social media channels are busier than ever. We’ve added almost 5,000 new Twitter followers in 7 days, the largest increase ever.

We’ve also increased participation in games and in the NFT Marketplace. Word is spreading about PipeFlare and we’re ready to grow this awesome community.

The 1FLR Token price has also had a wild ride, starting at $0.0001 and flying up to a high of $0.0026.

Recent Integrations

Since launch, we’ve partnered with Zapper, one of the largest DeFi aggregators. Zapper is one of the leading platforms for managing your entire DeFi portfolio and allows you to see all your assets in one place. Thanks to the community for upvoting this integration.

We’re also looking for the community’s help upvoting an integration with Zerion, another DeFi management tool. If you get a chance, please hop over to Zerion and upvote 1FLR.

What We’ve Learned

The community want to deposit their 1FLR on PipeFlare and earn staking rewards! We are working hard to allow you to deposit 1FLR you swap/purchase on QuickSwap and deposit it to PipeFlare.io. We should have this feature done within 2 weeks.

The community also wants an easier way to buy 1FLR. This comes with time. As the community and reputation grow, it will be easier to integrate with some of the larger exchanges. We are working hard to help integrate 1FLR with as many exchanges / wallet / aggregators as possible.

Next Steps

Public Relations: PipeFlare recently contracted a Public Relations firm to help drive awareness about PipeFlare’s mission. Starting November 1st, we’ll see much more visibility about our site in the press.

Use-Cases: We’re also working hard to create use-cases for 1FLR on the platform, including purchases of Memberships, NFTs, Referrals, and Game Items. This should be finished within 2 weeks.

In-Game Purchases: Several of our games have the option to purchase Power-Ups and Skins using 1FLR. We are revamping the system to adjust the 1FLR price based on a fixed USD value. This means that the prices will change based on the day’s 1FLR price. This also means the rewards for the free spin will adjust.


We’re in Week 1 of a long journey to bring PipeFlare into the mainstream. It’s a team effort, so please contribute where you can, even if it means emailing your favorite influencer asking them to cover PipeFlare or the 1FLR token. It’s the little actions that make a project great.

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