Ten Ways to Earn Money with PipeFlare!

Claim Daily: Claim free 1FLR, ZEC, and MATIC daily here. Claim every 24 hours!

Monthly Airdrops: We have more than $800 in monthly Airdrops, see all Airdrops here.

Referral Benefits: Get benefits and commissions with our referral system, earn up to $25 in free bonuses for referring five friends here.

Power-Ups and NFTs: Multiply your rewards with our Power-ups and NFTs here.

Free Giveaway: Enter our $200 giveaway here.

Double Rewards: Get Brave browser and double your Faucet bonus here.

Supporter Perks: Double faucet rewards and exclusive perks with monthly supporter rewards here.

Referral Income: Earn immediate income with referral purchases here.

Play Games And Win: Earn Flare Tokens playing PipeFlare games here.

Staking Rewards: Get up to 18% APY staking rewards here.

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