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PipeFlare gives out more than $2000 a week in gaming rewards. You can earn Flare Tokens (1FLR) in games or compete in our weekly leaderboards. Each game rewards the top 300 scores with additional ZEC. You can see a list of all our games here.

If you’re an avid player, you can pick up some of our NFTs to increase your tokens and your game rewards. You can earn even more with our game’s NFTs:

We aim to have 30 games in our play-to-earn online arcade by Q2 2022.

Here Are Our Games

Flare Hit icon (PipeFlare's game)
BeatBox icon (PipeFlare's game)
Stack Breaker icon (PipeFlare's game)
Flare Jump (PipeFlare's game)
Space Shooter icon (PipeFlare's game)
Battle Royal Tank icon (PipeFlare's game)
Flare Pinball icon (PipeFlare's game)
Kong Hero icon (PipeFlare's game)

Kong Hero on PipeFlare.io

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