PipeFlare Challenges

Take your gaming experience to the next level with PipeFlare’s exciting challenges. We offer a variety of challenges that will not only help you improve your skills but also earn you extra 1FLR Tokens. We have three challenges, from completing our feature challenges to catching chickens in our games. Here’s the list:

1. Feature Challenges

These challenges also are a great way to learn how to access the best rewards on our site.

  • Referral Challenge: Get 1,000 1FLR by purchasing 10 referrals from PipeFlare. These referrals provide guaranteed income, and the type of referrals you purchase will determine the rewards you can receive. Start getting referrals now.
  • Purchase Your First NFT: Get 500 1FLR by purchasing your first NFT from our marketplace. Our NFTs are packed with rewards, such as multipliers and mystery eggs, that offer additional rewards when hatched. Purchase NFTs now.
  • Stake Your 1FLR: Get 500 1FLR by staking your 1FLR Tokens. Staking rewards offer an excellent opportunity to generate passive income. You can receive a staking bonus of up to 27.5% by simply locking your tokens. Stake now.
  • Become A Supporter: Get up to 12,500 1FLR by purchasing a yearly membership. Our memberships come packed with higher rewards, including 4x multipliers on referral payout earnings and token drop rate in games. Become a supporter now
  • Earn 10M 1FLR Lifetime Rewards: Get the rarest mystery egg by staking 1FLR and reach 10M 1FLR staking rewards. Stake now.

2. Game Challenges

Completing our game challenges will boost your earnings with extra 1FLR Tokens, NFTs, and hidden rewards. With three different types of rewards, these challenges can enhance your gameplay skills and make your favorite games even more enjoyable.

Tokens As Reward

Get 100 1FLR extra when you play these games and meet the specified criteria:

NFTs As Reward

Get The Tri-Force Rocket NFT by collecting all four pieces. When you play these games and meet the specified criteria:

  • The Counter Attack: Buy 600 Flamethrower Soldiers.
  • Stack Breaker: Complete 25 stacks without dying. Fireball purchases do not count toward this challenge.
  • Stay tuned for the release of pieces #3 and 4. We will update this blog as soon as these pieces become available.

Hidden Rewards

These challenges have a secret challenge, so you need to keep playing all our games. When you complete them, you will receive a coveted hidden reward.

3. Community Challenges

Join our monthly community challenge and work together with other users to earn rewards. Each month, we announce a new challenge that lasts for 30 days. If the challenge is completed, all participating users will receive a share of $150 in 1FLR Tokens. This month’s challenge is eliminating 500,000 enemies in The Counter Attack game between March 20th and April 20th, 2023. The reward will be distributed based on the percentage of enemies killed by each user.

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